maybe this is a key to figure out the voice of Jimmy in the Cinnamon Bear

Walden Hughes

Hi Everybody,


Jack French will be on YUSA next Wednesday 6-30-21 to talk about Bobby Benson at 4 PM Eastern time.  Over the years Jack and I have exchanged some notes on the West coast cast of Bobby Benson.    Jack gave me an update on his research and he mentioned Lindsay  Macharrie had a part in Bobby Benson.  I have wondered  over the years if the boys who were on Bobby Benson in Hollywood might be one of the  voice of Jimmy in the Cinnamon Bear.  I notice in my research that Lindsay  Macharrie also manage the Cinnamon Bear.  Thus maybe we can figure out which boy actors Lindsay use in the 1930s on his different radio shows and that key will help us figure out the voice of Jimmy.     The two boys listed on Bobby Benson in Hollywood were George Breakstone, and Lawrence Honeyman.  Maybe one of you might have some movies featuring  either George or Lawrence and could you compare there voices to Jimmy in the Cinnamon  Bear.  Take care,





Eliyahu Levin

On the audition record the announcer mentions that Judy and Jimmy had worked together before. My guess is that it was on Strange as It Seems, but I haven't yet been able to confirm it.