Missing Suspense recreated by Sole Twin Audios -- "The Phantom Archer"

Joe Webb

Today is the 80th anniversary of the Suspense episode The Phantom Archer. It's a missing one, and it's great to have a thoughtful recreation that can help us imagine what listeners heard that very evening. I heard a preview copy a few days ago, and it's nicely done. It's a detective story at its core, the usual John Dickson Carr locked-room stuff, but different enough to amuse you along the way.
The production has one aspect to be aware of before you listen. They use some noir-ish musical bridges. They are perhaps more appropriate to a detective story of a decade or so later, but they actually work here. Don't be startled. It's still an early Suspense and the performance remains true to the original script of the pre-Roma era.
Congratulations and great gratitude to Rachel Pulliam and the Sole Twin Audio cast and crew. Rachel says "This production was a real pleasure to work on. John Dickson Carr is a master at devising an interesting mystery, which made it fun to do. My favorite part of recreating this episode was my terrific cast. Sharon Grunwald was tasked with performing the role of the parrot. She cracked me up! I loved the bit where I had them cover the cage."
Listen to the podcast at https://youtu.be/MKxdYpoPJGA 
It is also available at many podcast sites, but especially Anchor.fm and Apple Podcasts. Just search there for "Sole Twin Audios."