Need Volunteers for Reels in Florida

David Oxford

Hi Members

We’re looking for a few good men!

We’ve been contacted by a gentleman who lives in Florida that has a storage unit with 25,000 reels. He also has a few Reel-to-reel decks he would donate. He wants to offer the reels and decks at no cost.

I no longer have a database with members addresses so I don’t know who might live at a reasonable distance from Orlando. 

If we have members who would possibly be interested in a little road trip adventure, could you contact Ryan Ellett, Joe Webb or myself to discuss this opportunity. We don’t anticipate moving all the reels. The donor has an inventory of the reels (if he can find it). We may be selectively taking boxes of reels. We may be able to hire loading assistance. We're in the preliminary phase of exploring ideas and discussing is it possible to get some of the reels/decks. So, a little adventure for anyone? (You won’t be asked to spend your own money on gas or rental or shipping. You’ll be reimbursed.) You will probably never see such a collection again, ever.

Interested parties should email:

David Oxford deojao@...
Ryan Ellett oldradiotimes@...
Joe Webb drjoewebb@...

Please post any questions in the group as well. I’m sure everyone will be interested in our success or failure.