Old Radio Times Patreon

Ryan Ellett

I don't believe we've advertised this on the OTRR Yahoo/.io groups but the Old Radio Times (our e-zine) has a Patreon page where anyone can become a financial supporter. If you're not familiar with Patreon, it is a platform where you can pledge money on a regular basis to some sort of content creator. You create an account and link it to your bank or PayPal or some payment method. It's a legit platform, I've been using it for a couple years to support podcasters, indie game publishers, and others. You decide how much to give ($1 minimum) and how often. In this case the Old Radio Times is suggesting a pledge of $1 per issue. We publish four issues in one year, currently. So each time we send out the newest issue your bank or PayPal or credit card would be charged the pledge amount ($1). You can cancel it at any time, it's very simple. The ideas is the money received will be used for group upkeep costs, such as websites, purchases, etc. It would be very exciting if we ever get to a point where there's actually enough income from Patreon for the Times to actually pay nominal amounts to authors or even buy some sort of desktop publishing software to up its appearance. Check out the link below to see how it works:
The Old Radio Times Patreon page