otrDBPlayer UI and Other Changes

Wild West Designs

I made some UI and other changes to the to the stand alone player program.

I'm still using Qt, but I went from widgets to QML and this will get me closer to being able to have an Android build as this GUI framework handles touch interfaces  and the responsive needs of that platform as well compared to the desktop centric widget based framework.

One thing of note, the mic icon top left exposes the majority of player controls.

I've attached pictures, you can get the release for Linux and Windows here:

For those on Linux, be mindful of the caveat in the release notes.

Take it for a test spin, please report issues, suggestions etc at Github as that way it provides a central place for me to track and keep up with everything.

If anyone would like to contribute to program specifically, let me know, I welcome any and all help.  On a side note, using QML does allow for javescript to be used, so for those on here that are more familiar with JS versus C++ (what was used in the original program), this new version allows for both and the programming logic used in this version is mainly JS.

On another note, I wanted to see if there was enough interest in me moving the main database program to QML, so their can be an Android build.  The downside is that the database will be read only due to packaging of the apk files.  Which to me would be fine as I can't imagine people wanting to do prolonged changes to a database on their cell phone, even if it was hooked up to external components (monitor, keyboard, mouse etc).  So I don't necessarily see that as an issue, but it would be more about if it was worth it to have the program period on the phone or not, so I thought I would gauge interest on that front.