Radio Talking Books "Dusty Attic" program -- Night Beat and Big Town

Joe Webb

Tonight is part two of Radio Talking Books Service "The Dusty Attic" tribute to newspapers and newspaper reporters of the classic radio era. This is the second of a four-week exploration of the role of newspapers in society and their depiction in audio dramas hosted by Dr. Joe Webb.

The weekly "Dusty Attic" program can be heard at 11pm ET on Saturday and repeated again at 10pm ET Sunday.Listen to the stream at  or with the TuneIn radio service

Saturday January 14 11pm / Sunday January 15 10pm
* Night Beat - 1951-06-08 Search for Fred - a case of rabies paralyzes Chicago, with Frank Lovejoy as Randy Stone in one of classic radio's finest series 
* Big Town - 1939-07-14 Deep Death - Edward G. Robinson covers a tragic story of a mine collapse and its far-reaching implications for the industry

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