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I found this while spelunking at Red for Danger.
The following is taken from:

A six-part BBC adventure serial by Edward J. Mason, the co-creator of DICK BARTON SPECIAL AGENT and THE ARCHERS.

Jeweler and amateur detective David Conway and his fiancee Pat think that cheating husband Paul Farley is trying to make people believe his wife Red has gone insane, but soon find out things aren't what they seem as they get caught up in a thrilling adventure involving a plot to steal a new supposedly-bulletproof metal alloy and murder.
with: Ysanne Churchman, Arnold Peters, Anne Cullen, Bernard Rebel, Dudley Rolph, June Spencer, Gerik Schelderup, Peter Wilde, Chris Gittins, Harry Stubbs, Willkiam Avenall, Michael Ford and Eddie Robinson.
Broadcast on the BBC Midlands Home Service 26 October - 30 November 1954

I would also ask that nobody correct me on my usage of the word "spelunking",



I would not even consider your use of spelunking. I sometimes get on Archive and I think I am doing that myself. Now I am going to start going a little more often.

Jackie Schlageter

Scott Galley

Very, very exciting news. I'm a big fan of Edward J. Mason's writing. Dick Barton is a wonderful character, and a real favourite of mine. To find another series written by Mason from roughly the same vintage... only a few years after Dick Barton was pulled off the air, is a real treat.

Thanks for letting us know.


Eliyahu Levin

This user has plenty of other great series. One of my favorites is The Count of Monte Cristo