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Park Lawrence

How can I get these 5 episodes of in the "Name Of The Law”?  I Have Several,2,,older episodes, probably not as good quality as these. PArK LaWReNCe, ThAt CHeM gUY

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Even better! I certainly defer. 
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My copy of In The Name Of The Law 361018 24 Gruesome Catch is at 128 kbps: https://spaces.hightail.com/receive/kqk7urIwhM.

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I have that 13th episode which Goldin lists: October 18, 1936. Program #24. Syndicated. "Grusome Catch".
Although mine says 361018 24 Gruesome Catch. “Grusome” is not a word. I didn’t make the change, it came that way.
It’s the same 6mb mp3 format, so not a sound upgrade, but it at least exists.
Tomorrow, when I’m not riding in the car, I put it up on DropBox.
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I'm revisiting some of our old sets as high quality lossless material comes in from our reel-to-reel digitization projects. I'm working on In the Name of the Law, an early Certified set from 2006. All 12 files are typical 6mb mp3 files of the time (they're actually not bad for what they are). But we now have 5 of those in flac format with less muffling and less processing done to them but I'd like to get the rest in lossless if possible so we're not just updating half the set.

Here is what we have:
1936-07-12 We Bumped off Hubby
1936-07-26 Nothing Ever Happens in Chinatown
1936-08-02 I Didn't Do Nothing
1936-08-09 She Was Murdered
1936-08-16 He Did It, Or Did He

The original set contains 7 more episodes and Goldin lists a 13th that is not in the set. Jerry indicates there may be 23 available. This is not a well documented series at all; even the Certified set really has nothing in it except a generic two-sentence summary of the show.

But does anyone have additional upgrades for this series?


Ryan Ellett

These upgrades will all be included with the updated Maintained set, so I don't want to distribute them now as that could get confusing. I'm trying to find any other upgrades we could add to the update. We have 13 now, 7 of which are the old 6mb size files from the early 2000s.


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How can I get these 5 episodes of in the "Name Of The Law”?  I Have Several,2,,older episodes, probably not as good quality as these. PArK LaWReNCe, ThAt CHeM gUY