The Suspense Project: The Bride Vanishes

Joe Webb

Today's Suspense episode is The Bride Vanishes. A honeymoon couple notices that the wife is catching curious glances from nearly everyone they pass. It turns out she looks just like a bride who went missing the prior year. Creepy! They are warned about going to "The Blue Grotto." So of course, the plotline takes them there.


Hanley Stafford ("Daddy" to Fanny Brice's "Snooks") is often credited in the husband role for this episode, but it is very likely that is incorrect. We know that Lesley Woods is in the cast (played Margot Lane in The Shadow for a while, was Ann Williams in Casey, Crime Photographer prior to Jan Minor, and was in many Inner Sanctum; one of my favorite radio actors). Otherwise, no reliable full cast information has been found for this episode, as has been the case for many of the early series episodes recently posted. That will soon change as the "big star" strategy begins with the next episode and the documentation of the series is better preserved as it grew it stature, and the CBS publicity machine finally starts promoting the series with more detailed press releases and better newspaper coverage.


This is another one of the episodes that was also adapted to comic book form a few years later. We have a PDF of the story from Suspense #1 in today's blogpost.