The Suspense Project: The Most Dangerous Game

Joe Webb

Today's Suspense is The Most Dangerous Game, the first of four consecutive weeks of episodes starring Orson Welles. William Spier was the first to employ Welles in radio when he hired him for The March of Time in 1933, making this the tenth anniversary of Welles on radio. They admired each other greatly and Welles had great appreciation for Spier’s influence in his early career. He was pleased to help build the Suspense franchise. Today's story is a famous one. It's about a bored master hunter who seeks to hunt smarter and more cunning prey: humans.
Welles was 28 for this broadcast, with many great and notable successes already behind him. Co-star Keenan Wynn was 27, in early stages of his long and successful Hollywood rise. Frequent contributor to OTRR and Cobalt Club, Craig Wichman, found a marvelous and amusing publicity photo of Wynn and Welles at rehearsal that can be viewed on the blogpost page. A tip of the hat to CW with great thanks for this and other contributions.