Theater Five -- all episodes posted!

Joe Webb

Every day, for the last 9 months, a Theater Five episode has been posted with cast, plot, and links to audio. It's been quite the journey of discovery with the assistance of Karl Schadow and Nick Palmer and many, many others. The T5 Project to restore both the recordings and the reputation of the series is worth your consideration. Go to This series has been so poorly understood and cast aside that classic radio fans have missed some marvelous and compelling entertainment and a great backstory. A lot of that had to do with the poor sound of so many episodes recorded off the air. We've made great strides in improving that situation and we're still making progress. The research we've compiled about T5 and its personalities has been very interesting. Visit the site, watch the video, listen to the programs, and start enjoying one of 1960s radio's most curious and fascinating series.