Tracking Archival Audio of Ross Wesley LeBaron's radio show at KSXX? Originally broadcasted out of Sandy, Utah


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My name is Lina and I'm currently working as a Researcher for Novel - a podcast production company based in London UK. 

Currently we're trying to source any archival audio of Ross Wesley LeBaron's radio show on KSXX from the late 80s. I believe KSXX was later changed to KTKK (630 AM) - originally broadcasting out of Sandy, Utah. There was a segment of archival tape that we found online (  of one episode, but we were hoping if anyone here had any contacts for someone at KTKK that may hold Ross's radio show from the 80s? Or any information on the whereabouts for archival tape of KSXX radio shows from the 80s would be an immense help as well. 

Thank you all for your help and assistance in advance!



try this website:

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