Weird files on site...

Damon Fries

I’m having a strange thing happen on the OTRRG site….. on many shows, the first episode of the series are empty files - there are 2 files, one says .mp3 and the next is the same episode with .LCK after - the file sizes are 1k and 26k (!)… at first I thought they were placeholders, but it’s on many many shows… (examples: Happy Hank, Hardy Boys, Hallmark Playhouse…)

Does anyone know what this could be ?

Paul Kornman

Thanks for the heads up.
Those are LOCK files which the server uses to make sure two people cannot make changes to a file at the same time.

I don't know why they are there. Those (and I few others) were created a year ago.
I have removed them today.

Paul Kornman
OTRR Librarian