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OTRR friends,
As many have noticed, the post about Wisconsin Public Radio's change was quickly devolving into a very unproductive thread. It was becoming commentary on current events which, while clearly worthy of in-depth reflection and discussion, are not the purpose of this group. The Facebook group had to lock such threads and the OTR Digest also has had to lock discussion on this topic. Our thread has now also been locked. Everyone in this group loves old-time radio but we also represent a wide range of political opinions and persuasions; Given the tone of the responses, I don't see a way for the topic to be re-opened at this time without creating a hostile, negative environment. You'll see a delay in postings as I have temporarily required each message to be moderated before it appears on the group site. Hopefully feelings will quickly cool and we can get back to our business of sharing old-time radio with audiences who want to hear it.


How said is it that we have allowed ourselves to devolve into those things you have brought at least to my attention. I was offended at what they did but instead of a long diatribe in here which would of been way off topic, I choose to vent my anger with WPR and emailed them. But now I have to ask people, how many listen to Maury Horowitz on WAMU on Sunday nights. I have been doing that for years now. When I lived in the district on the radio and now streaming on my smart speaker (smart speaker ha ha - she is so dumb). One of the finest OTR programs out there. And there are so many podcasts out there doing OTR - that I don't think we will ever have to worry about losing old radio in this new day of technology. Keep up the good work Ryan. 

Allan Foster

Thanks Ryan.


On Wed, Jun 24, 2020 at 9:37 AM, Junior59USA

Ryan Ellett

I've had some good off-board conversations about this; moderation has been turned off.