Yesterday USA new listen links

Larry Gassman

Hi all,

John Gassman wrote:

Here are the new listen links for YUSA red and blue.

Just paste the links into your browser and press enter and the stream should begin.


Yesterday USA Blue:


Yesterday USA Red:


Yesterday USA Red and Blue along with REPS and SPERDVAC internet stations  along with several other music streams have moved to a new server.

For the next several days, the only way to hear the stations is with is with this direct set of links.

Currently, links are only available for Yesterday USA red and blue.

Eventually they and all the other stations will be updated on the various internet services such as Alexa, oTunes and Tune in just to name a few.

For now, the only time you'll hear anything is when we are on live. At the moment, other audio still needs to be uploaded so there will be the sounds of

silence until that has been done.

We'll be on with Mike Hingson tonight at 10:30 Eastern and 7:30 Pacific.

We'll feature the Benny Goodman Carnegie Hall Concert from 1950.